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In an era where key industries are turning towards electrification, we stand at the forefront of this green shift. We develop battery modules, racks and energy storage systems designed to power industrial applications across challenging sectors, including construction, maritime, defence, and grid systems. 

At Nordic Batteries we focus on what is important: safety, reliability and performance.

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Industrial energy storage solutions

NB Family


Battery modules and packs 

Battery modules and packs for applications with high energy and/or power requirements such as grid stabilization, light trucks and energy storage.


Mobile charging solutions

Robust battery containers with batteries and charging solutions for construction, maritime, grid, and other hard-to-abate industries. 


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  • Construction

  • Maritime

  • Defence

  • Energy grid

10 feet charging container for Volvo Maskin AS
10 feet charging container for Volvo Maskin AS

with CCS2 interface and battery buffer

The charger, introduced at the Road and Construction exhibition at Lillestrøm, Norway, is equipped with a standard 150 kW ccs2 plug and a special 48V plug for charging Volvo's smaller construction machines and a 330 kWh battery buffer.

The charging container, designed for demanding construction sites, generated remarkable attention and interest, including from Norway's former prime minister, Erna Solberg. The container is available in multiple variations and can be customized with branding to meet customer expectations.

7ft charging container for Moen Marine
7ft charging container for Moen Marine

with 94 or 188 kWh battery

The eBOX, a compact charging container, was designed in collaboration with ZEM to hybridize boats for Moen Marin and ZEM's customers. The goal was to create a plug-in retrofit system that enables boats to operate on electricity while stationed away from shore and recharge via onboard engines or by connecting to the existing energy grid while in harbour.

The ePOWERBOX Defence
The ePOWERBOX Defence

is one of several products we offer for defence purposes

We understand the critical importance of reliable and efficient energy storage in the defence sector. Our customized battery and energy storage solutions are designed to meet the demanding requirements of this industry.

Our products offer robust, high-performance power solutions suitable to power a variety of defence applications, including portable military electronics and communication systems. Our batteries provide reliable and long-lasting power for critical missions, and our energy storage systems ensure that military personnel have access to electricity wherever and whenever they need it.

We work closely with defence organizations to understand their specific requirements and develop solutions that meet their unique needs. Whether you are looking for an energy storage system to power your base camp or a battery solution to support your field operations, we have the expertise and technology to provide the optimal solution for you.

Powering your grid
Powering your grid

with the eBESS battery container

The power grid is facing a number of challenges in meeting the growing demand for renewable energy. Nordic Batteries is at the forefront of developing customized battery and energy storage solutions to meet these challenges. Our eBESS battery container is a high-performance energy storage solution designed for use in the power grid.

Our eBESS battery container provides a flexible and reliable backup power source for the power grid, helping to maintain stability and reliability. It can be easily integrated into the power grid, providing a seamless and efficient energy storage solution. With advanced lithium-ion battery technology and intelligent control system, our eBESS battery container offers a scalable and modular energy storage solution that is easily expandable as energy demands increase.

Our role in
the battery value chain

The battery value chain is complex and consists of everything from mining raw materials to recycling and handling old battery applications at the end of their life cycle. By partnering with world leading companies for mining, refining and production of cells, we take care of the assembly of modules, packs and applications, as well as facilitate for reuse and recycling, using state-of-the-art technology and industry 4.0 solutions.

Our partners focus
  • Raw materials

    1. Raw materials

  • Advanced materials

    2. Advanced materials

  • Cell production

    3. Cell production

Our focus
  • Modules

    4. Modules

  • Packs

    5. Packs

  • Applications

    6. Applications

  • Reuse & recycling

    7. Reuse & recycling



The individual battery cells are assembled into battery modules. This typically involves arranging the cells in a specific configuration and connecting them together with electrical connectors. The cells are typically arranged in a series or parallel configuration, depending on the desired voltage and capacity of the module. Once the cells are connected, the module is sealed and tested to ensure that it meets the desired specifications.



The battery modules are assembled into packs. This typically involves arranging the modules in a specific configuration and connecting them together with electrical connectors. The modules are typically arranged in a series or parallel configuration, depending on the desired voltage and capacity of the pack. Once the modules are connected, the pack is sealed and tested to ensure that it meets the desired specifications.



The battery packs are combined with control electronics, such as a battery management system, to create a battery application. This typically involves designing and integrating the electronics with the packs to ensure that the battery functions properly and meets the desired specifications. The control electronics are responsible for monitoring and controlling the battery's charging and discharging, and they can include features such as overcharge protection and temperature management.

Reuse & recycling

Reuse & recycling

The used components of the battery, such as the cells, modules, and packs, can be either reused for new products or recycled to conserve resources and reduce waste. If the components are still usable, they can be refurbished and used in new battery applications. If the components are no longer usable, they can be recycled to recover materials such as lithium and cobalt, which can be used to make new battery cells. This step is important for ensuring that batteries are used efficiently and sustainably.

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