Nordic Batteries and Intek sign engineering agreement for a production line

In the visit to Raufoss last week, Nordic Batteries and Intek signed a pre-engineering and engineering agreement for a full-scale production line for battery modules.

"With this team on board, we are well prepared to realize our plans for the assembly plant at the beginning of 2026. The team working with us on this project is highly professional, and together we are certainly prepared to competitively deliver battery modules and packs made in Norway" says Jarle Gjøsæther, CEO of Nordic Batteries.

Anita Hager, CEO at Intek, states, "Norwegian industry needs more players like Nordic Batteries. We are very excited to work with you on this challenging project."

During the visit, Nordic Batteries received a first demonstration of the pilot line the team has co-developed in the BATNET project. The pilot line will undergo further testing at Intek before being moved to Kongsberg at the end of Q1 2024.

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