Skjermbilde 2023 05 24 kl 15 55 26

After a successful visit to The Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, the Nordic Batteries team is returning with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. The experience has increased our understanding of cutting-edge battery technology, as well as provided a clear path to establish our own battery assembly plant.

At the show, we witnessed some of the most innovative trends in battery manufacturing firsthand. From the processing of raw materials to the intricacies of battery management systems, we observed state-of-the-art technologies at work, providing us with a comprehensive picture of the industry.

Our partner, presence during the visit proved instrumental. Leveraging their expertise in machinery and production line setups, they helped us translate what we saw into actionable strategies for our upcoming plant.

Furthermore, the networking opportunities at the show allowed us to connect with leading industry professionals and engineers. These connections will be instrumental in shaping our future collaborations and partnerships.

The Nordic Batteries team is now ready to take our next leap. We stand poised to contribute to a sustainable, battery-powered future for Norway and the Nordics.